• Class-XII CBSE Result 100%
      Abhishek Aggarwal (District Topper in Commerce)

    • Class-X CBSE Result 100%
      10 CGPA - 33 Students
      9+ CGPA - 35 Students

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    Throughout its storied history, OPBMS has remained committed to the pursuit of excellence and its command of academic vitality. The school offers a challenging, yet supportive environment where theory and practice converge; where coursework is both vast in scope and substantive in depth; where teaching by renowned scholars is the very cornerstone of the academic experience. Our students are the perfect complement to our esteemed faculty—they are bright, engaged, and widely talented.
    We hope our website conveys the energy, enthusiasm, and passion that we experience everyday. It can only give you small glimpse of what we do and our hopes and aims for the future. To find out more, and perhaps see the school in action, please do contact us to receive a personal tour.
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    Sangeeta Sharma
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    • Toppers Class XII-Arts (2016-17)
      Mansi Gawri, Position-1st(93.4%)
      Hardeep Singh, Position-2nd(91.8%)
      Himanshi Vashishta, Position-3rd(87.4%)

    • Toppers Class XII-Medical (2016-17)
      Ishita Mittal, Position-1st(83.4%)
      Arshpreet Kaur, Position-2nd(81.4%)
      Tanveer Kaur, Position-3rd(81.2%)

    • Toppers Class XII-Commerce (2016-17)
      Abhishek Aggarwal, Position-1st(97.8%)
      Aashima Gupta, Position-2nd(97.2%)
      Hanish Goyal, Position-3rd(96.8%)


    • Toppers Class XII-Non-Medical (2016-17)
      Vishnu Gupta, Position-1st(93.4%)
      Sonali Bakshi, Position-2nd(92.2%)
      Harmanpreet Kaur Rajput, Position-3rd(90%)

    • Abhishek Aggarwal, XII-Commerce (2016-17)
      District Topper


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