Tarika Sharma

M/O Ayana Sharma (VI-D) Gunadhya Sharma (Ankur- Bluebell)

I, Tarika Sharma, mother of Ayana Sharma (VI D) and Gunadhya Sharma (Ankur-Bluebell) would like to thank the entire school faculty for putting in so much efforts for us during these hard times. I would like to thank the teaching staff of OM PARKASH BANSAL MODERN SCHOOL in exercising outstanding efforts in terms of providing adequate online lessons, guidance and amidst these lessons catering to my child’s need in these gloomy days.

I as a parent can easily feel that the school really values its students and parents in the best possible way. The parents are held in a high esteem by the teachers and management. I congratulate THE PRINCIPAL and other STAFF MEMBERS for keeping such high standards even in these difficult times due to COVID-19.

“I thank you for giving my little ones big dreams”