The Academic Culture

At OPBMS, we provide wholesome education in the Physico-Coordinative, Cognitive, Creative -aesthetic and socio-emotional domains which is activity-based, regular and continuous. Besides humanism and idealism, the school is guided by the problem¬≠ solving approach of pragmatism in treating each child as a unique individual, preparing him/her to acquire the traits of work-culture and self-¬≠ help with personalized attention by the faculty to achieve the vision of the school. Teaching- learning methods are designed to be innovative and action-research is a ruler rather than an exception.¬† Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of each child is a continuous process and the emerging classification of children into UTOPIA and the GIFTED is meant for designing special curricular activities for such children, and their participation in such activities is graded and intensely guided to achieve higher order goals for them. Remedial classes are an important and integral part of the system to help the slow-paced children. Project work for each student in each of the classes and subjects is an essential and integral part of the system. In the teaching-learning process an adequate stress is laid on the student’s comprehension-skills, reasoning and analytical skills. A regular and honest work-culture is instilled to build competency, confidence and commitment in the students.