Childhood and Aspirations


The most beautiful, purest and the happiest phase of a human being’s life is considered to be childhood. This phase is not just about the happy times, but also it is the time period when one gets to shape her/his character for life. The mannerisms, qualities etc. acquired by someone during this phase is what stays with her/him throughout the life. Children like us, we are not just the children; we are the future leaders, the bearers of our family, country and most importantly of our own future self. We are filled with a keen sense of curiosity, for doing something out of ordinary. We sometimes call it aspiration, simply putting, the desire to do what our mind, heart or our whole self desires. Aspire, ‘not to be but to do’; a sentence with few words but a deep underlying meaning. Desire, not just to ‘be something’ your mind or your parents want you to be, but most importantly to ‘do something’. Childhood is that period of life when we start to have our own individual life goals; ranging from being an engineer to a teacher, to be a doctor, to become a musician etc. But, the actual goal here should be a motive, a thought, an idea for the betterment of the society or your own self and not just the job you want to be at; in view of the fact that the actual meaning of humanity is to help, have empathy, have a sense of responsibility for every other being. Also, never forget that it’s always the process that matters the most.

Riddhi Jain (X G)