How To Treat Your Social Anxiety ?

Social Anxiety is the fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people. This disorder is not just simply feeling uncomfortable in certain social situations, which is fairly common. This disorder could easily be misused to describe shyness or the actions of someone who’s an introvert. Some can’t speak, some can’t act, and some cannot represent themselves actively in group discussions or in front of other people. But the main thing to focus on is that, this can be treated with the help of proper medication and by attending therapy sessions.

I personally suggest few ways to overcome this problem:-

  • Your friends and family are the first youshould start opening up to. Try to share yourproblems and matters with them.
  • Always listen to what others say and then givethe most suitable answer or reply to them.
  • Try to start conversations, this will not onlyhelp in eradicating your anxiety but will alsoenhance your communication skills.
  • The last and the most important one, this disorder and problem, is self-built by your ownmind. So try to eliminate this fear from your mind.

Manik Aatli (XI Commerce A)