Does Knowledge Attract You

Does knowledge have the magnetic charm to pull you out of the mundane and sundry situations and give you the thrill and the ability to see the opportunity of being of great use to oneself, society and the world? Do you find knowledge to be the solution provider to most of your problems? The digital age citizens need to develop a different relationship with the knowledge for their benefit, the knowledge pattern has changed forever.

Knowledge in today’s world has to be your only fatal attraction. That fatal attraction would find a solution to literally anything and everything you intend to.

Knowledge facilitates skills and competencies. It works vice versa as well. One feeds into other. The urge to know and learn. The whole of the educational system functions finally to create an urge for knowledge.

How many times have you felt that if you had more knowledge about an issue, you would have performed better? To be able to crisscross and get into the right knowledge and use it beneficially is a knack in itself and that too needs a reasonable amount of knowledge. No regular teaching, training and certification have created outstanding success. The Movers & Shakers of this world belong to the desperate urge for knowledge category. They stay on. Time and space is of no great consequence. Urge for knowledge is a quest to deliver. Remember, only knowledge will prevail, it always has.

Priyapreet Kaur