Health and Fitness


It is just impossible to put the importance of fitness and health aside at this present period of our human history. Health and fitness is really necessary as to fight back the pandemic the whole world is suffering from. People who are health conscious are less prone to diseases, whereas people who are not health conscious and not fit usually get trapped into the diseases which lead to unpredictable deaths. Health professionals say that diabetes, cancer; mental issues such as depression and many other deadly diseases are all attributed to fitness and health dearth. This has been supported by the great number of reports about diseases, increased stoutness and conditions related to overweight. Though regular exercise and good diet can come to the rescue of those afflicted by the diseases, it is wise not to wait until you develop such illnesses before engaging in health and fitness routines. Like, obese recorded to have an increase of 10-50% in premature deaths from all causes as compared to other individuals with a healthy body weight. As no change ever comes without a force backing it, so to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle, you have to force yourself to make allnecessary changes to your everyday life. However, these changes do not have to be tedious to begin with.

Pariyat Gill (XI Arts)